A comparison between DVD X Player and DVD Ghost

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Generally speaking, both DVD Ghost and DVD X Player can break DVD copyright; and they all can help you in DVD copying. But DVD X Player have a lot more function than DVD Ghost does, like DVD play, record ect.

1, Removes all kinds of restrictions (CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.) from the DVD discs in the background;
2, Operation-Free: Removes UOPS (prohibited user operations) from DVDs automaticly;
3, They have no harm to your DVD drives: It just bypasses the copyright protection of the DVD drives without changing any parameters or the firmware of the DVD drives;
4, Works well with all DVD drives even if they are region-locked.

Beside those fuctions they share, DVD X Player also have the following unique features:
1, DVD/VCD/CD/DivX / XviD / MPEG-4 / QuickTime / Real/ MacroMedia Flash playback;
2, DVD X Player supports video format for next-generation—High-Definition Video (HD-Video); Record your favorite DVD movie into video or MP3 audio files( for Apple iPod Video, iPhone, Sony PSP, Zune, BlackBerry, Zen, Smart Phone, PMP etc);
3, Play video devices directly including PC Camera, Digital Camera (DC), Digital Vidicon (DV),Video Card and so on.

Purchase Guide:
If you just need a DVD copyright breaker/decoder, than you can choose the DVD Ghost;
If you also want a professional DVD player software/converter, I will strong recomand you to use DVD X Player.
Choose the right, and you choose the best!


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