How much do you know about DVD decoder?

Jan 30th, 2012 by Boren 3,436 views |Comments Off

Suppose you have newly bought a computer recently, the chance is very high that it comes with a DVD player and drive preinstalled. But to make sure you can successfully watch DVD movies, maybe you need to get a suitable DVD decoder installed in your computer.

Though many operation systems have built-in DVD decoders, it’s better for you to understand how the DVD decoding process works, just in case you will be able to explain it to technician and able to feedback or discuss with other in forums online. It will sound cool to those who have no idea of it.

First, you have to know why DVD decoder exists, DVD holds much more data than CD and files are compressed when packed. And, there is another reason why files are compressed, it is for copyright protection. The compression is agreed by movie studios to prevent piracy. The only way for these files to be coded is through the DVD decoder.

Second, DVD decoder can restore the files to MPEG-2 format which is used by these files. If you another type of decoder but not DVD decoder, the quality of movie will be low. So using the right decoder, you will get the original DVD quality.

The DVD decoder is pretty important for PC user, since it will enables you to watch movies or display games. There are several programs that you can decode MPEG-2 files, such as VLC player, WinDVD, DVD X Player.

The good thing is that there are a lot programs available that you can use for watching movies on this file format include DVD decoder and encoder. Just download the player to watch these files. Among them, DVD X player is very popular.

The description stated above is applicable to most DVD decoders, but decoders from different manufacture may slight differ from each other. With a comprehensive understanding of the internal working of DVD, you can deal with all problems may emerge.


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