Why analog TV signal looks even worse on HDTV than on standard analog TV?

Dec 13th, 2011 by Boren 5,723 views |Comments Off

HDTV is the big progress in home entertainment. But many users are watching analog TV on HDTV during the transition period from analog to digital. So lots of complaints about the picture quality of analog TV emerged.

Analog TV signals will look worse on an HDTV than on a standard analog TV. Why? Because the HDTV has the capability to display the details than a analog TV. HDTV enhances the picture both in good part and in bad part. You will get better result if the signal is clearer and and more stable. If the picture has color noise, signal interference, color bleeding or other problems, during the video processing, the HDTV will clean it up. So this may get mixed results.

There is also another reason. Some HDTVs will do better in analog-digital conversion than others. So when you are reviewing a HDTV, pay attention to its comments about analog signal quality.

Usually HDTV get a larger screen size. The screen gets larger, lower resolution images look wore. Just like you widen a picture, the shaps and edges become less defined.

So you should make sure you have the best analog signal or you have an HD cable box or HD satellite box connected to the HDTV using HDMI, DVI, or Component Video connections. It is better to get digital broadcast television signal for an HDTV.


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