Apple is hiring iOS software engineers to improve Siri

Dec 08th, 2011 by Boren 1,888 views |Comments Off

It is no doubt that Siri is the biggest highlight on an iPhone. Relying on its strong recognition rate and all kinds of intelligent answers, Siri has become popular worldwide, one who gets an iPhone 4S on hand can’t wait to say hello to it and spend the rest time on chasing that magic, repeating things so that it will understand, and waiting for it to get over “trouble connecting to the network”.

Apple is hiring iOS software engineer to make Siri more beautiful and probably get it ready for third party integration. There are two job postings from Apple to hire iOS engineers to work on the next generation of Siri, the voice-powered personal assistant for the iPhone 4S.

The posts mentioned that the engineers will be working on a Siri API, which would allow applications to use the voice recognition functionality to carry out a variety of tasks.

The junior engineer position will work to improve the user experience of the Siri results page, and how it appears on the phone. And the senior Siri engineer position reveals quite a bit more about the future of the product.

It is clear that the Siri API will be used for third-party developers. The demand is clear, as hackers have already done some awesome things with Siri. Since Apple is busing preparing for the future of Siri, in the near future, two more software engineers will get the intelligent Siri ready for developers.


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