Apple settles with teen who sold white iPhone 4 kits

May 28th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 2,546 views |Comments Off

Apple has settled their lawsuit against teenager Fei Lam, although the settlement figures were undisclosed.

In 2010, Fei Lam, a 17-year-old college student from Queens, NY, began the website which sold unauthorized kits to turn your dark iPhone 4 into a white version.

Lam experienced secured a large supply of white iPhone 4 elements from Foxconn in China, even though Apple experienced delayed the model until feb 2011.

The teen says final November he received a letter from a private investigator hired by Apple, accusing him of dealing in stolen goods.

Apple filed a lawsuit against against Lam this week, accusing him infringing on Apple’s trademarks. The match asked for an injunction and damages.


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