Australian man found guilty of operating audio-visual piracy disc shop

May 24th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,408 views |Comments Off

Sydney, Australia last week, the contents of an alleged sale of pirated products, men were found guilty. The males, called Lin Yonghong (transliteration Yong Hong Lin), he has one in Sydney to open a shop selling audio-visual products. Sydney District Court last week against the criminals reduction of 31 charges of 16, and found it guilty of 15 cases of piracy crimes, Aug. 21, the court will be sentencing his.

This year on February 27, Australian police raided Mr. Lin’s shop, and found a number of more than 16,000 copies of the sale of pirated video discs, these discs, some from China, while another portion is locally produced.(DVD player)

AFACT and MIPI said it was Australia’s first prosecution involving copyright infringement lawsuit, and the Lin you must pay the price for their illegal acts.

AFACT official Neil Gane claimed pirates must conduct a thorough investigation of crime, the police should close its business premises and pirates to justice.

By two anti-piracy organizations claim copyright infringement for each individual offense maximum fine of 60,500 U.S. dollars and impose five years in prison, but the company may be infringing a maximum fine of 302,500 U.S. dollars Office.(DVD player free download)


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