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How can I create a iPhone ringtone with Aviosoft Video Converter Ultimate

Oct 15th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,116 views |Comments Off

iPhone fans may always be asking a question: how I can create a iPhone ringtone for my iPhones? Surly, when we search such kind of software on Google, we can find many many.? But, here we introduce best iPhone ringtone maker software Aviosoft Converter Ultimate. Read More »

How to Convert MP4 to 3GP with MP4 to 3GP Video Converter

Sep 29th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,520 views |Comments Off

Some cell phones can play MP4 videos and some stick to 3GP. So if you want to enjoy MP4 videos on your 3GP cell phone, it is only feasible after you convert MP4 to 3GP formats using a professional MP4 to 3GP converter. This guide will show you how to convert MP4 to 3GP with Aviosoft MP4 to 3GP Video Converter, which has been proved to be a simple and smooth experience. Read More »

How to convert MP4 file formats to SWF file formats

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If you want to share some flash with friends on Internet and have many MP4 video files in hand, the professional Aviosoft Video Converter software can give you a hand. Aviosoft Video Converter can help you convert MP4 file to SWF video with GREAT quality! And the MP4 to SWF converter will bring you the fast conversion from MP4 video to SWF file with ease. Read More »

Convert DVD to MP4 with DVD to MP4 converter

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Do you want to convert DVD movies to MP4 file formats for playback on your MP4 players? Aviosoft video converter is a versatile converter with lots of preset profiles for you to convert DVD to MP4 playable on most MP4 players such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry, etc.

This DVD to MP4 converter enables you to edit your DVD movies such as clip any segment of the video, crop video dimensions, add text watermark, and add .srt subtitle. Read More »

How to convert copy protected DVD to AVI videos

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Many people have tons of DVD collections and these DVDs are copy protected. To prevent these DVDs from damaged or scratched, we can rip, copy, convert DVDs to hard drive as AVI videos. We can use what program to rip, convert copy protected DVDs to AVI videos? CloneDVD is tested and proved that this DVD copy software can rip, convert copyrighted DVDs to AVI video formats. besides the basic DVD to AVI conversion, it also has some advanced functions such as clip video segment, crop video dimensions, add text watermark, adjust video audio settings and so on. Read More »

Burn DVD Folder VIDEO_TS to DVD for Playable

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How to burn VIDEO_TS (DVD folder) to a new blank DVD? Try the following method to burn DVD folder VIDEO_TS to DVD!

To burn VIDEO_TS to DVD, free download CloneDVD that is designed for Windows users. Then set up the .exe file by following the installation wizard and launch the program to begin burning DVD folder VIDEO_TS. Read More »

DVD Ghost makes DVD region free

Sep 22nd, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,028 views |Comments Off

Your DVD player is limited. You can only play DVDs from your region? If you live in the United States, you are limited to play DVDs from Region 1 (U.S. and Canada). And if you live in the UK, you are limited in region 2 (Europe). Australia is limited in the region 4 and so on. But what if you want to play one of the thousands of cheap DVDs from other regions? You need to make your DVD region free. Read More »

DVD Ghost make DVD Region CSS Free

Sep 21st, 2011by dvdxplayer 4,063 views |Comments Off

Your DVD region is locked? Your DVD is under CSS protection? It’s a piece of cake for DVD Ghost. It can automatically, intelligently, quickly make DVD region and CSS free once your Windows computer have one. We can call it DVD region CSS free software. Using this DVD region CSS free software you can watch and copy region coded DVD, CSS encrypted DVD on any Windows DVD drive. It enables you to back up DVD movies to hard drive as well. Read More »

Copy DVD to hard drive

Sep 20th, 2011by dvdxplayer 9,111 views |1 Comments

Are you looking for a program that can copy DVD to hard drive for playback? Why not free download DVD Ghost that can copy any DVD movie to hard drive. It’s a powerful DVD decrypter for Windows system. It can decrypts all DVD region lock and other DVD protections such as RCE, CSS, APS,UOPs, ARccOS, CMMP and so on. But we can use it to copy DVD to hard drive. Read More »

Easily Make DVD Drive Region Free

Sep 19th, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,792 views |Comments Off

Your DVD drive is region lock? Now it’s piece of cake to break DVD region lock, make DVD drive region free under the help of DVD Ghost that is a powerful region free software.

Once you installed DVD Ghost on your Windows computer, it will run in system tray, automatically make your DVD drive region free. So you can watch all region DVD movies on your PC without changing the region code. If your DVDs are protected by CSS, or UOPs, or CMMP, or APS, or ARccOS Read More »