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Copy DVD-RAM to DVD-RW disc

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How to copy DVD-RAM to DVD-RW disc on your Windows PC? Why not free download CloneDVD that support copying DVD-RAM to DVD-RW on Windows PC. With this program, the operation of copying DVD-RAM to DVD-RW is super simple. Let’s see it.

First insert your DVD-RAM disc into the DVD-ROM drive for CloneDVD decrypts and identifies the DVD. Read More »

How to copy DVD-RAM disc to a blank DVD-R

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How to copy DVD-RAM disc to a blank DVD-R disc on your Windows computer? You can free download CloneDVD then use it to transfer DVD-RAM to DVD-R in 3 steps. Read More »

Easily Convert DVD-RAM to AVI

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DVD-RAM has the best recording features among DVDs, but it is not compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players. Now we can convert DVD-RAM to AVI videos files under the help of CloneDVD.

CloneDVD can rip, convert DVD-RAM to AVI easily and quickly. With it you just need to click the mouse 5 times. Let’s see how it converts DVD-RAM to AVI. Read More »

DVD region lock

Sep 14th, 2011by dvdxplayer 4,490 views |1 Comments

What is DVD region lock?

DVD region lock is used on DVD players. DVD region lock can prevent the DVD that is released in one region from successfully playing in different region. That is say, the DVD movies released in the USA and Canada may not be released in other parts of the world until autumn, winter or even a year later. You purchase a DVD movie in the USA and mail it to your Chinese friend before the DVD is released in China. Your friend cannot play the DVD on their region 6 DVD player because of the DVD region lock. Read More »

Rip DVD to iPod on Windows

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You have a ton of DVD discs? You want to watch them on your iPod? You need an awesome program-DVD to iPod converter that can rip DVD to iPod MPEG-4 video files. If you don’t know how to rip DVD to iPod using this DVD to iPod converter, you can refer the following tutorial step by step. Read More »

A good program for watching DVD on computer

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To watch DVD on computer, first you need to make sure whether your computer has a DVD-ROM drive. If your computer doesn’t have the DVD-ROM drive, you need to buy a DVD-ROM drive and install it on the inside of your computer. Your computer has had DVD-ROM drive, but now we still cannot play DVD on computer because we have to need a DVD player software to help us play DVDS such as DVD X Player. Once you make sure you have had DVD-ROM and DVD player software on computer, you can play and watch DVD on computer. Read More »

Freely play any DVD on Windows computer

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We are unable to play DVDs on most computers even if come with DVD drives. But, if you installed a DVD player software in your computer, you can play DVD on computer. DVD X Player can help us play any DVD on Windows computers such as Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. It’s especially designed to play DVDs on Windows DVD drives. with it we can play any DVD on Windows PC with ease. Read More »

Easy Remove Write Protection from DVD

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What is write protection on DVD?

Write protection is used on CD or DVD that cannot be rewritten. Write protection prevents DVD information from being erased. It also prevents additional data from being burned to the DVD disc. So when you try to burn information to a DVD, it will pop up the message that you cannot do it. Read More »

Remove CSS protection from DVD easily

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When you encounter the problem how to remove CSS protection from DVD, you can free try DVD Ghost that can automatically remove CSS protection DVD within 5 seconds once you insert a new DVD in the DVD drive of Windows PC.

Besides removing CSS protection, it can remove any DVD protection such as copy protection, region code, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, CMMP and so on. DVD Ghost will automatically remove these protections (CSS, RCE, RPC, APS, UOPs, CMMP, ARccOS etc.) once you insert the DVD into the drive because it runs in system tray. Read More »

Remove copy protection from DVD

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Usually we will encounter this problem that we cannot play the DVD on PC because it has a copy protection. Is there a way to play them or to remove copy protection DVD? The answer is of course. Through DVD Ghost, we can play any DVD movie on all Windows computer because it can auto remove DVD copy protection once you insert the DVD into the drive. Read More »