Backup iPhone Video to PC for Permanent Collection

Nov 01st, 2011 by Boren 2,734 views |Comments Off

If you want to backup some treasure videos for permanent collection from iPhone to PC, you will find that it is difficult to transfer videos from USB storage to computer. Why? Because Apple would like to protect the copyright for media supplier. But with the third party software, you can easily back up your videos from iPhone to PC.

I recommend you an easy-to-use tool -  iPhone DiskAid at dvd-x-player which can easily backup video from iPhone to PC.

Why is iPhone DiskAid?

iPhone DiskAid is a professional iPhone transferring tool which especially designed for iPhone users.  Transfer all your iPhone content to computer hard drive for backup for avoiding any unexpected loss of treasure files.

iPhone DiskAid helps you transfer Video, Music, Photos and Files from iPhone to PC and PC to iPhone. It realizes you to treat your iPhone as a portable hard drive. No matter how many folders or files, you can transfer to and iPhone for one time. No more repeated operation needed. It also makes content management possible for you.

Backup iPhone video to PC

It is really very easy to backup your iPhone videos to PC for collection. You can free download the software at dvd-x-player and have a try. With only a few clicks, you can finish the process of backup iPhone videos to PC.


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