Best 2013 Summer Movies – Iron man 3

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This summer one of top 10 Summer Movies for Kids — Iron man 3.

Large gathered in the summer, how we should choose? This article will talk about one of top 10 Summer Movies – Iron man 3! Iron man 3 is the highest grossing movies of 2013 and the best selling DVDs in 2013 so far.

“Iron Man” is an adaptation of the Marvel Comics superhero movie, but also the prestige movie universe diffuses the seventh film in the series. • Directed by Shane Black directed by Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth • Patrone other original cast starring.



Set of military genius inventor, billionaire playboy and philanthropist in an MIT alumnus and genius invention • Tony Stark, alien, attack the Earth has experienced since the battle, he almost sacrificed his own life and salvation the entire New York City after he had been cynical • Tony Stark actually started to suffer from insomnia and anxiety, anxious all day, focussed on the development of an updated version of the armor. At the same time, the crisis looming again – full of mysterious and sinister adult heads of international terrorist organizations, launched a series of repeated terrorist attacks, resulting in serious injury or death, and more invasive media continue to provoke the U.S. government threatened to teach American president, global extinction. • When Tony Stark unconvinced full adult vices openly declared war on him, full of adults actually unceremoniously first attack, Tony’s luxurious mansion with all armor instantly fall into the sea cliff, the most important ally and around intimate lovers have become the target of attacks and more! Tony vowing to fight back hard, however temporary loss of armor Tony, must face “in the end I have created the steel jacket; or steel jacket made ​​me?” Inner struggle, denounced terrorist attacks behind the crisis, and the ultimate showdown fanatics .

Key things

Impasse virus (Extremis Virus): • Tony Stark 13 years ago (1999) It Happened One Night after leaving Maya • Dr. Han Sen equation, but it was Maya’s boss Oder Leach • Qilian An away. A selective virus, not suited to those who would keep a high body temperature due to an explosion, and to adapt to those who can give a strong regenerative capacity, strength, jumping, significantly improved, the body will produce high temperature and can easily break or make the steel jacket Iron clothing malfunction.


  • Robert Downey Jr.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tony Stark

“Iron Man” “Iron Man” Stark Industries president’s military genius IQ inventor, save New York City, found himself unable to sleep and suffering from anxiety disorders. When his world is destroyed, those closest to him who is threatened, we must find a way to save them, and in the process rediscover themselves.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Niya • Portsmouth Virginia

“Little Pepper” Tony’s girlfriend, CEO of Stark Industries, yielded a Tony lover. Intelligent, loyal and honest, better than anyone understand Tony, and Tony’s hard sometimes unbearable.

  • Don Cheadle James Rhodes

“War Machine”

“Iron Patriot” Tony’s partner, the U.S. Air Force military procurement contacts, Stark Industries is the liaison between the bridge and the U.S. Air Force. He was Tony a few trusted friends, most of the time, he treats the patient impulsive genius. A set of red, silver and blue color of the new armor, when he dressed when he became a steel patriot.

  • Cover • Pierce Qilian An Odd Leach

“Full adult” Ruthless military scientists ‘precise technician Party’ (AIM) founder of “desperate virus,” developer, and the Government has modified steel Patriots contract. 13 years ago, was originally a fan of Tony’s crazy, but it was Tony spot deception, suicide is also the occasion to see fireworks and the germination of the idea of the virus impasse.

  • Rebecca Hall Maya Hansen hearted botanist, Qilian An assistant, accurate technician senior party cadres, 13 years ago, had a one-night stand with Tony, is committed to creating a biological change the rules of the impasse viruses
  • The • Kingsley Trevor • Slightly

“Full adult” (stand-in) “Full adult” (stand-in) is a terrorist organization outsiders ‘ten ring’ (The Ten Rings) leader, hold great power, and, through the government, people fear and shameless attack plan so that we know his exists. Is actually a drunken actor, and even firearms phobia, is under threat in the real terrorists acting mortal.

  • James • Chicago • Dell worship Eric • Savin

“In Cold Blood” technician senior party cadres, Qilian An’s main henchman is desperate army of thugs. Forces on the body or on both daunting cold-blooded killer, as long as Qi Li Ann requirements, no matter how heinous things he is willing to do it.

  • Jon Favreau Happy Hogan a trusted bodyguard and driver, responsible for the protection of small peppers. Not just employees, but also a friend, even if Tony felt he did not need him, or still supporting Tony.
  • Thailand • New Hopkins Harry lives in Tennessee, suburb town boy, Tony’s little helper, help Tony crashed fears and myths excluded.
  • Mark • Lu Faluo Bruce Banner

“Hulk” Tony’s friend, gamma ray researcher. Eggs appear in the credits, to help solve the anxiety problem Tony.

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