Best Buy Bows Video Game Trade-In Program

Aug 27th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,596 views |Comments Off

Best Buy is officially launching its video game trade-in program whereby consumers can receive Best Buy gift cards for selling pre-owned games.

To honor the trade-in program — originally announced in June — Minneapolis-based Best Buy said that on Aug. 29 it is offering consumers an additional $20 Best Buy gift card on top of the normal trade-in value on more than 100 select titles.

Consumers looking to trade in games can visit the customer service desk, or in select locations, a dedicated trade-in desk within the gaming department. Best Buy will continue to offer a similar program online that enables customers to get estimates for their games, mail them in and receive a Best Buy gift card 7-to-14 days later. Trade-in prices in-store will match the prices shown online.

“We know how important game trade-in is in that mix,” Chris Homeister, SVP and GM for the home entertainment group at Best Buy, said earlier this year when the program was announced.

Though frowned upon by the studios, sales of used packaged media generate significant incremental revenue for entertainment retailers while affording consumers an avenue to unload unwanted games and movies in exchange for store credit or cash.

Hastings Entertainment said same-store sales of new and used DVD, Blu-rays and boxed sets increased 11.1% in the first quarter. Blockbuster reported revenue of more than $120 million from previously owned packaged media in the same period.


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