Tips for Finding the Best Free Media Player for Windows

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Finding a media player for Windows is not a simple job. There are a wide range of contents, variety of formats, and discovering you are missing a typical one after buying would be very upset. Once you have decided to add a media player to your computer, it is time to start researching what is available on the market and deciding which one is right for your requirements.

There are a plenty of considerations to keep in mind as you go through this research. Usually we would get a free media player or at least try to get a trial version to see whether it would satisfy our needs. So, this article is trying to walk you through on finding the best free media player for Windows.

Features and Capabilities You Need

Media player comes with a huge range of features and capabilities, which making it a good addition to your home recreation system. So the most important this is to indentify the features and capabilities that you need.

Playback Ability

Try to get some video reviews, so that you can see how the media player works. Whether it plays high definition video, DVD, pictures and audio or not?

Ease of Use

Look for ease of playback and navigation, most of us not technicians. A media player with simple operations and controls is popular.

There are some free media players, such as VLC Media Player, it is said to play almost any media format out there. And KMPlayer, though it is not widely used, while supporting numerous different formats, languages, skins, etc, it can be used for numerous different media related material. Download one and try to play some media contents in the player to see whether it is the one you really want.

If the above media players won’t satisfy your needs, maybe you could consider some other good media players for Windows, such as DVD X Player, though it is not totally free, but free trial version is available for a lifetime. What’s more, it plays all types of media including movies, videos, pictures and music; recording DVD and converting movies to iPod, PSP, iPhone, iPad, etc.



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