Where to Get the Best Region Free DVD Player Software?

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Movie freaks all over the world swear region lock and will certainly be seeking out region free DVD player ever since region coding been introduced. Region free DVD player is player that will play DVD disc form any region, code or zone in the world. And region free DVD player software is often referred to a code free, zone free, multi region or all region DVD player installed on computer.

Region free DVD player will play DVDs from anywhere in the world including all the regions and will play DVDs in different standards: PAL, NTSC, and SECAM.

The DVD has brought home entertainment to life. Players and movie DVD discs have been selling like hot cakes through-out the world as prices tumble for both the products. The concept of the Home Theater comes along, with the superior quality of audio visual presented by the DVD. Entire rooms in many homes are kept reserved just for the home theater. However, with this success of DVD, comes that dirty little secret: Region Coding or the Region Lock.

Why this coding, you might want to know. Well, what they tell us is it is the way that they wish to protect the copyright. However, another aspect of this Region Coding is surfacing lately. It is perhaps because of price fixing of the DVDs at different regions.

According to many views, code enforcement is a violation under WTO free trade agreement, which reflects at the competition law. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken a serious view to this coding and warned that such coding may violate the Trade Practices Act. A similar ruling has been done by the government of New Zealand. Therefore in practice, the DVD players sold in their countries have to be of Region 0. The Region 0 DVD players are required to incorporate Region 1 to 6 simultaneously, there-by providing the capability to plat any disc, no matter what region it belongs to.

A multi region DVD player is capable of playing DVD disc from anywhere in the world, that is all 8 regions and PAL, NTSC, SECAM standard. Where to get the best region free DVD player software? There is a powerful one – DVD X Player. DVD X Player is able to auto removes restrictions or copyright protections like CSS, RPC Region code, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, Macrovision etc and play DVD discs from anywhere in the world. Free download this region free DVD player software.


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