Burn CD audio tracks to DVD disc

Aug 17th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 2,565 views |Comments Off

Compared to CD, DVD disc has superior storage capacity and it can be played on computers and standard DVD players. Sometimes we want to burn our CD audio tracks to DVD for play. How could we easily and quickly burn CD audio tracks to DVD disc? I find DVD burning software named Audio DVD Make from http://www.dvd-x-player.com/ that can burn CD audio tracks to DVD disc.

This DVD burning software supports all popular DVD discs as output such as DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, Dual-Layer DVD-9 and so on.

After burning your favorite CD audio tracks to DVD disc, the DVD disc can be played on both computers and home DVD player.

If you are looking the way of burning CD audio tracks to DVD disc, I think Audio DVD Make, the DVD burning software will be a good assistant for you.

On the other hand, we can also use this program to backup all our audio files to DVD disc, we can use it to extract audio from video files and then save as DVD files, we can use it to burn our recorded audios to DVD discs and so on. It’s a multifunction and all in one DVD burning software.

If you want to free try this DVD burning software-Audio DVD Make, and want to use it to burn CD audio tracks to DVD discs, and want to try its more functions, you can refer to http://www.dvd-x-player.com/audio-dvd-maker/ from which you can free download it without any viruses.


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