Is It Legal to Bypass The Region Codes?

Jan 18th, 2012 by Boren 4,267 views |Comments Off

As long as DVD regional coding – also recognized as “zone locking” – exists merely for marketing purposes, and has particularly nothing to do with copyright or copy protection, so bypassing region codes can’t be regarded as illegal. Most people compare “hacking the codes” with reading a German book in Australia, Britain, the US or additional English-speaking country. If you ever legally got either the book or the DVD, it shouldn’t dispute where you read it or watch it.

Here, we’re not referring to generating duplicates, hacking copy guards or anything else that would infringe upon copyright laws. We just wish to view a movie that we legally got in the primary place. However it is crucial to point out that no court judgment has founded either that regional coding might be an illegal “trade control” or that it may be legal to conquer the DVD regional codes.

To watch a DVD movies legally obtained. You can either use DVD Ghost to work with your present DVD player on PC, DVD Ghost can removes the region code in the background automatically, so that your DVD player can read and play the DVD movie. Or get DVD X Player, DVD X player is a restriction-free DVD player which can unlock all the region codes easily and play the DVD.

Note: Changing the code setting on a DVD-ROM drive is not only possible, but also perfectly legal. Newer computers make this easier, but for older models maybe a little difficult. The legality of changing a DVD-ROM’s firmware so that it is code-free is still uncertain. We don’t cope with that problem here.

Some DVD sellers may not be ready for dispatching a DVD title to a country with a regional code that is different. ( will transport German DVDs to the US.) Since this is a decision made by each seller, you will need to examine on the specific seller’s transporting policy.


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