Can I play a region-coded DVD which does not match the region of my DVD-ROM drive?

Mar 19th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 3,167 views |Comments Off

Yes, you can. Several years before, this couldn’t be done, but now, we can proudly say that we make it happened. Our R & D faculty – BlazeVideo R & D department brought the world with the first region free DVD player software in the worldDVD X Player. It is also a CSS free DVD player, it can also remove Macrovision (Analog Copy Protection) and UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions). With this great feature, you can change soundtracks and hide forced subtitle.

What’s more, it can also record your preferred DVD movies to MP4 format for playback on most popular portable devices like iPod/ iPhone/ PSP/ BlackBerry/ Cellphone/ Zune.

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