How to Capture Still Image from DVD during the Playback?

Jun 15th, 2012 by Boren 4,993 views |Comments Off

See a nice image while watching a DVD movie on your computer? Wish you could grab the beautiful moment to set it as your desktop or just for browsing? Normally, the only method is to use PrintScreen. It’s Ok, but it is not so accurate. There is another way to capture image from DVD.

DVD X Player is a useful media player that has many codec built-in. There is a cool feature of DVD X Player is that it has a screen capture utility that you can use to grab a still image from the movie during the DVD playback.

Capture Image Guide

Once you have downloaded and installed this player, follow the steps to get started.

Step 1. Run DVD X Player

Click the icon to launch the player.

Step 2. Load the Disc

During the playback, if you counter a nice picture, click “Capture Image” button capture image icon on the advanced panel. The picture will appear on Show Capture. Click it again if you want to get more.

show image

The pictures are saved in BMP format in sequence numbers. You can find these pictures in “My Pictures” directory.

You can preview, remove, copy to clipboard, and save image by clicking the corresponding icon on the top bar. Or right click the picture to choose one.

By right clicking on the image, you can also choose to delete all, cut to clipboard, save all, save as.

save image


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