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Sony MiniDisc player Will Be Stop

Jul 09th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,680 views |Comments Off
Following last October’s decision to finally retire the Walkman cassette player, Sony has said today it will also be killing off the MiniDisc Player later this year.
Overall, the company has sold 22 million MiniDisc Players but demand has been lackluster, to say the least, over the past 5 years.
The company will stop production on the players in September.
Sony launched the MiniDisc in 1992 as a rival to cassettes, but the cost of the discs and the eventual mass adoption of CDs and later MP3 players made the devices obsolete.
The company says it will continue to produce MiniDiscs into the future, just not the players.

According to last October’s decision to finally retire the Walkman cassette player, Sony has mentioned today it will also be taken out the MiniDisc Player later this year.

Overall, the firm has sold 22 million MiniDisc Players, however market demand has nothing changed during the past 5 years at least. Read More »

YouTube graphical change: how to enable the new theme?

Jul 08th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,546 views |Comments Off

YouTube have a new look, but it is not active by default. Must enable it by following the steps we are going to show you.

If you want to enable the new graphics on YouTube, you have to connect to the homepage of Cosmic Panda Project (the code name Google has buckled to this redesign) and click on the blue button Try it out! which is located in the lower left. Within a few seconds, you will see a welcome message and you can start viewing your favorite videos “rocked” by a stylish new graphic theme. Read More »

Sony: No PS4 discussion for quite some time

Jun 24th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,761 views |Comments Off

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony computer leisure of America (SCEA), addresses PlayStation 4 (PS4) in Forbes interview.

There has previously been hints that Sony is functioning on the improvement with the subsequent era PlayStation property console, ordinarily referred to since the PS4. The PlayStation three (PS3) has been on the market given that 2006, and Sony promised a 10 12 months life-cycle with the method on the time. Read More »

Prepare for an iOS-powered Apple HDTV, says previous exec

Jun 22nd, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,094 views |Comments Off

Apple is preparing to launch an iOS-powered Apple-branded HDTV this year, says an anonymous previous exec with the company speaking to DT.

The company is previously in talks with a “major OEM,” adds the report, which they speculate for being Samsung, a long-time partner.

Apple will “blow Netflix and all those other guys away” using the HDTV, which will bundle Apple television and iTunes in a very slim, Internet-capable device. Read More »

Lighter, more efficient PS3 coming soon

Jun 21st, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,933 views |Comments Off

Although unconfirmed by Sony, it appears an updated model of the PS3, CECH-3000B, is coming soon.

The CECH-3000B will cut power consumption to 200W from 230W and slash weight to 5.73 lbs from 6.6 lbs.

Sony’s updated console will nevertheless possess a 320GB HDD, eliminate LED lamps and consist of “external changes for the energy and eject buttons,” says Andriasang. Read More »

Is Facebook prepared to start their official apple ipad app

Jun 19th, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,724 views |Comments Off

Over a year soon after the start of the apple ipad the device nevertheless notably lacks a native Facebook app.

Sources are reporting today, however, how the interpersonal networking giant might be ready to start the app while in the “coming weeks.”

The same resources say Facebook has been building the app for a year now and will completely compliment the iPad’s larger touch display interface and UI. Read More »

Apple goes inexpensive on newest Back-to-School specials

Jun 17th, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,963 views |Comments Off

Apple has unveiled its 2011 “Back-to-School” specific offer, and its notably inexpensive when compared with years past.

If a student buys a new Mac, they will get ten percent away the computer plus a $100 iTunes gift card.

In the past, Apple gave aside little capacity iPod Touch products along using the discount, so this year’s “special” is notably less costly and much less appealing. Read More »

LulzSec releases 62,000 email, password combos

Jun 16th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,051 views |Comments Off

LulzSec has releases 62,000 email/password combinations today, although it is unclear in which the data was stolen from.

Because many customers keep the same combinations for multiple sites, some customers have currently reported that their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter as nicely as other accounts have all been hacked.

If you are scared you are component of the release, check right here to determine if your data was stolen: come across Out if Your Passwords have been Leaked by LulzSec correct Here Read More »

Apple start selling unlocked iPhone 4 in U.S.

Jun 15th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,078 views |Comments Off

Apple has now begun selling unlocked GSM iPhone 4s online.

In the States, the phone will work on AT&T and T-Mobile and on any GSM network close to the world.

The phone is on profit for $649 for the 16GB model or $749 for the bigger 32GB model, in light and black, and with no contract. Read More »

Google Voice Search

Jun 14th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,061 views |Comments Off

Google Voice Search for desktop computers, which the Web giant presented today, isn’t very much far more than the corporation porting a technology that’s been on cellular phones for a while to PCs.

But don’t write it off as a trivial bit of technology as well quickly. Voice Search on the desktop moves computing one action closer towards the natural user interface that’s been the holy grail of computing for decades. Read More »