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Types of DVD Players and Recorders

May 29th, 2012by Boren 3,242 views |Comments Off

DVD players and recorders offer sharp pictures and clear sound. They support DTS surround and Dolby digital audio embedded in movies. Most DVD players can play types of media, like CD, VCD, etc and some even come with a VCR. Read More »

What Is Region Free?

Apr 13th, 2012by Boren 3,250 views |Comments Off

The term “region free” can be referred either to a DVD can be played anywhere on any DVD player, or a DVD player can play any DVD from anywhere on the earth. It also used to describe games consoles. DVD players come with region encoding to define in what region it can be used or to play what kind of disc, although many customers figure out how to bypass it. Read More »

RPC Region Code

Feb 09th, 2012by Boren 4,142 views |Comments Off

RPCRegional Playback Control is a system used by DVD manufacturers to limit the use of DVD’s divided by geographic regions.  RPC region code is implemented on most commercial DVD’s and on most DVD players.

Older DVD drives use RPC-1 firmware, which means the drive allows DVDs from any region to play. Newer drives use RPC-2 firmware, which enforces the DVD region coding at the hardware level. These drives can often be reflashed or hacked with RPC-1 firmware, effectively making the drive region-free. This may void the drive warranty. Read More »

How much do you know about DVD decoder?

Jan 30th, 2012by Boren 3,392 views |Comments Off

Suppose you have newly bought a computer recently, the chance is very high that it comes with a DVD player and drive preinstalled. But to make sure you can successfully watch DVD movies, maybe you need to get a suitable DVD decoder installed in your computer.

Though many operation systems have built-in DVD decoders, it’s better for you to understand how the DVD decoding process works, just in case you will be able to explain it to technician and able to feedback or discuss with other in forums online. It will sound cool to those who have no idea of it. Read More »

DVD Region Code Solutions

Jan 22nd, 2012by Boren 3,605 views |Comments Off

Changing the region codes
Normally speaking, the moment Hollywood and the DVD producers made a decision to divide and conquer the planet with their regional codes; other people were considering methods to bypass them. And quickly there were “fixes” for both DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. Newer PC DVD drives usually allow the effortless changing of regional codes, but you possess a restriction of five times. Some suppliers also started to market “code-free” DVD players that could perform DVDs from any of the six regions. A few of these code-free players are able to play the video on either a PAL (Germany, most of Europe) or NTSC (US, Canada) monitor. Read More »

Is It Legal to Bypass The Region Codes?

Jan 18th, 2012by Boren 4,195 views |Comments Off

As long as DVD regional coding – also recognized as “zone locking” – exists merely for marketing purposes, and has particularly nothing to do with copyright or copy protection, so bypassing region codes can’t be regarded as illegal. Most people compare “hacking the codes” with reading a German book in Australia, Britain, the US or additional English-speaking country. If you ever legally got either the book or the DVD, it shouldn’t dispute where you read it or watch it. Read More »

Clean the DVD laser pickup lens – make your DVD player works well

Jan 09th, 2012by Boren 3,948 views |Comments Off

Your DVD player may goes wrong or occurs error when you are about to play DVD, then you may need to clean the player. There is a laser pickup inside the DVD player which can read the DVD disks and allows you to view the content. Timely clean up the laser pickup to make your DVD player work smoothly and functioning.

To confirm the problem you can just insert several DVDs into the player to make sure it is actually the problem of the laser pickup lens. If some plays normally but other does not, the problem is not the player. If none can play, mostly the problem is that the laser pickup lens becomes dirty. Read More »

Why won’t the burned DVD play

Jan 03rd, 2012by Boren 2,641 views |Comments Off

It is really frustrating when you tried your every effect to burn a DVD and only to find it don not play. You edit the movie elaborately and burned it onto a DVD, but when you insert into the DVD player, it won’t play. Why won’t the burned DVD play?

Well, there may be lots of reasons, here in this article, I will list them out, so that you can fix the disks and prevent the problem in the future. Read More »

Are HD-DVD and Blu-ray Players Compatible with Standard DVDs and CDs?

Nov 26th, 2011by Boren 10,490 views |Comments Off

HD-DVD is now officially halted. However, this article is still contains information on HD-DVD, and its comparison to Blu-ray for historical background, as well as the fact that there are still many owners of HD-DVD player, and a period of time, HD-DVD players and discs will be sold and traded continuously on the secondary market. Read More »

Different Aspect Ratio of 4:1:1, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, 4:4:4:4, 4:3, 16:9

Nov 23rd, 2011by Boren 6,723 views |Comments Off


A ratio used to describe the sampling frequency of a digitized signal. The ratio describes luminance is sampled at 3.37 MHz 4 times, while the color is sampled 1 time at 3.37 MHz in each of the separate parts. DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO25 use 4:1:1 color sampling. Formulated as: Y (luminance) is sampled at 13.5 MHz (or 3.37 x 4), R-Y (color) is at 3.37 MHz (or 3.37 x 1) sampled, B-Y (color) is set to 3.37 MHz (or 3.37 x 1) equals 4:1:1. Read More »