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Here is some acronym words we often see:

NTSC – National Television Systems Committee. A group that established black-and-white television standards in the United States in 1941 and later added color in 1953. NTSC is used to refer to the systems and signals compatible with this specific color-modulation technique. Read More »

MPEG format

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History. Approximately a decade old, yet newer than AVI, the MPEG format was an attempt to provide high quality video using smaller file sizes, as invented by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. The MPEG format has seen several variations over the years, having been one of the first streaming formats using SGI WebForce MediaBase (which failed), becoming the MPEG-1 VCD specification, moving to the digital satellite DBS/DVB/DVB-II MPEG-2 formats, becoming the de facto DVD MPEG-2 format, using the popular MPEG-Layer III (MP3) audio format, and most recently as the MPEG-4 DivX video format for video swapping online. Read More »

What is HD-compatible DVD player?

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An HD-compatible DVD player is a unit that is equipped with either a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface) connection. This connection can transfer the video signal from the DVD player to an HDTV that has the same type of video connections in pure digital form. In addition, this type of DVD player also has an what is referred to as “upscaling capability”. Read More »

Universal DVD Player

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SACD and DVD-Audio are high-resolution audio formats that were intended to replace the standard music CD, but have not made a large market impact with consumers. A Universal DVD player refers to a DVD player that plays SACDs (Super Audio CD) and DVD-Audio Discs as well as standard DVDs. Universal DVD players have a set of 6-channel analog audio outputs that allow the consumer to access SACD and DVD-Audio on an AV receiver that also a set 6-channel analog audio inputs. Read More »

Region Coding and Code-Free DVD Player

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Region coding is a controversial system enforced by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) that controls the distribution of DVDs in World Markets based on feature film release dates and other factors. Read More »

The difference between Multimedia audio and home audio

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First, you have to know the difference between passive speaker and active speaker.

Active Speakers, usually refers to speakers with power amplifiers, such as multimedia computer speakers, active low speakers, as well as some new home theater active speaker and so on. Active Speaker as built-in amplifier, the user need not consider the problem with the amplifier matching, but also easy to use than the direct-drive low level audio signals. Read More »

Be careful with 3D viewing related health risks

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3D movie is a great innovation of entertainment industry. Children and adult all like it. Especially after the show of AVATAR, people become more and more crazy about 3D stuff. However, related health issue had been posed: Read More »

What is a digital optical output?

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At the back of DVD player after a corner-type terminal, the upper marked OPTICAL, this is the optical output terminal. Fiber connection can achieve electrical isolation, to prevent digital noise transmitted through the ground, helping improve the DAC (digital analog converter) and SCR (S / N). Read More »

What is PAL and NTSC?

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NTSC: National Television System Committee standard is an Electronics Industry Association, it is a Committee of the United States, Canada, Japan and parts of Central America and South America, making the commercial television broadcasting standard. Read More »

What is Dolby (AC-3)?

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Dolby AC-3 surround sound system provid five full-range channels and a subwoofer channel component, known as 5.1 channel. Five channels, including left anterior, central, right front, left rear, right rear. Bass channel bass mainly to provide some additional information, so that some scenes, such as explosion, impact, to be heard better. Six channels of information and reduction in the production process of all digital, very little information loss, the whole band is very rich in detail. Read More »