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Why analog TV signal looks even worse on HDTV than on standard analog TV?

Dec 13th, 2011by Boren 5,717 views |Comments Off

HDTV is the big progress in home entertainment. But many users are watching analog TV on HDTV during the transition period from analog to digital. So lots of complaints about the picture quality of analog TV emerged.

Analog TV signals will look worse on an HDTV than on a standard analog TV. Why? Because the HDTV has the capability to display the details than a analog TV. HDTV enhances the picture both in good part and in bad part. You will get better result if the signal is clearer and and more stable. If the picture has color noise, signal interference, color bleeding or other problems, during the video processing, the HDTV will clean it up. So this may get mixed results. Read More »

The connection between computer and TV set – watch live TV on computer

Dec 09th, 2011by Boren 3,353 views |Comments Off

A common way to show digital pictures and videos to friends is crowding them around your computer screen and the common way to watch TV shows is sitting on the sofa facing with the TV set. Have you ever thought about connecting the two devices sometimes and making them exchangeable for each other, such as displaying digital images and videos on TV or watching TV show on the computer? Technology makes this possible. Read More »

Record DVD as MP3 audio files to fit your digital audio player or mobile phone

Nov 29th, 2011by Boren 3,504 views |1 Comments

Suppose you are planning a party and you need enough music to transfer atmosphere at the whole night. You have a mobile phone or a digital audio player that could connect with your stereo speakers. Or suppose you are a hip-hop fun who always dances in outdoor. You would like to get to prepare some MP3 format music from your audio DVD collection. What can you do? Read More »

DVD player software reviews

Nov 25th, 2011by Boren 10,071 views |Comments Off

Why DVD Player Software?
We love movies, right? Especially in a large, luxurious and overcrowded theater, with a super large screen and the mega-channel surround sound that vibrates every part of our body. Now, with DVD player software you can capture all the things you like and enjoy in the experience as sitting in the theater and pack them all into your computer. Read More »

Brief Introduction of QuickTime and Tool to Play QuickTime Files

Nov 23rd, 2011by Boren 3,163 views |2 Comments

About QuickTime

Have you ever wanted to watch a video or listen to audio online, only to find that your computer can not read the file? QuickTime is a mighty media technology that runs on both Mac and PC with almost all popular video and audio formats you can meet. So you can play the digital media you want to play. With QuickTime, you can view Internet video, HD movie trailers and personal media in a variety of file formats. And enjoy an excellent quality. Read More »

What is a DVD decoder? How to play DVD?

Nov 09th, 2011by Boren 2,945 views |1 Comments

A DVD decoder is another name for an MPEG-2 decoder. The content on DVD-Video discs is encoded in the MPEG-2 format, as is the content in DVR-MS files (Microsoft Recorded TV Shows) and some AVI files. To play these items in the player, you need a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer. Read More »

3 Tips to Watch or Record TV Shows on Your Windows 7 Laptop

Nov 03rd, 2011by Boren 4,598 views |Comments Off

The Holy Grail of entertainment in your home is the mesh between TV and laptop. Since the processors in computers today are much more powerful than the set top boxes that offer the majority of programming, it is quite possible to use your PC to record TV programs and replay it later. Read More »

A new video player – “Left eye key” – STORM 5 Official Version

Oct 26th, 2011by Boren 2,343 views |Comments Off

On October 26th, 2011, Windstorm has released a new official version online video player STORM 5, which is the second storm since August 16, STORM 5 beta announced after. This is the release of the official version.

STORM 5 beta features can be summed up as the new version adopts a new procedural framework, three times faster starting speed. At the same time, the “speed skin” supports 40-687 kinds of video formats. Read More »

A good program for watching DVD on computer

Sep 09th, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,422 views |Comments Off

To watch DVD on computer, first you need to make sure whether your computer has a DVD-ROM drive. If your computer doesn’t have the DVD-ROM drive, you need to buy a DVD-ROM drive and install it on the inside of your computer. Your computer has had DVD-ROM drive, but now we still cannot play DVD on computer because we have to need a DVD player software to help us play DVDS such as DVD X Player. Once you make sure you have had DVD-ROM and DVD player software on computer, you can play and watch DVD on computer. Read More »

Freely play any DVD on Windows computer

Sep 08th, 2011by dvdxplayer 6,020 views |Comments Off

We are unable to play DVDs on most computers even if come with DVD drives. But, if you installed a DVD player software in your computer, you can play DVD on computer. DVD X Player can help us play any DVD on Windows computers such as Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. It’s especially designed to play DVDs on Windows DVD drives. with it we can play any DVD on Windows PC with ease. Read More »