Clean the DVD laser pickup lens – make your DVD player works well

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Your DVD player may goes wrong or occurs error when you are about to play DVD, then you may need to clean the player. There is a laser pickup inside the DVD player which can read the DVD disks and allows you to view the content. Timely clean up the laser pickup to make your DVD player work smoothly and functioning.

To confirm the problem you can just insert several DVDs into the player to make sure it is actually the problem of the laser pickup lens. If some plays normally but other does not, the problem is not the player. If none can play, mostly the problem is that the laser pickup lens becomes dirty.

Then, how to clean up the laser pickup? Power off the DVD player, remove the DVD head and electronics to reveal the laser pickup, and then we can easily access to it and begin to wipe it. After the laser pickup is clean, just rebuilt the player.

To remove the head and electronics and clean the pickup, you need to prepare some tools: lens cleaner disc, screwdriver, cleaning cloth, clean agent (isopropyl alcohol).

Steps of cleaning DVD player laser pickup:
1. First we usually use the lens cleaner disc to clean the pickup. The lens cleaner disc is an amazing cleaning tool to do the job. After that, you can try to play some DVDs to see whether the problem is resolved. If not, you need the take further actions to manually clean it. Then it comes the following steps.
2. Power off the player, unplug the supply and unscrew the outer case.
3. Get the plastic head with electronics out of the DVD player case. In some cases the tray of a plastic head has a tiny casting attached to it, so you need to power in the player, open up it and power off, and then you can detach the tiny casting of the try.
4. Detach the DVD head with electronics from the main board.
5. Separate the electronics from the head. Remove the clamp you will see the laser pickup, if not, you need the separate the electronics from the head. Be careful not to lose any part and remember their positions.
6. Use a cleaning cloth and isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the lens and dry it.
7. Rebuilt electronic in reverse. Power on the player to test whether it can play DVDs normally.
8. Load the outer case.

Then, your DVD player is cleaned and ready to read your favorite DVD movies again.


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