How to Convert DVD to Your Portable Device like iPad 2?

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You probably have a mobile phone or even a tablet. Would you like to watch your favorite DVD movies on your portable device? In this tutorial, I will teach you how to convert DVD to iPad 2 MP4 format. Then you can transfer the DVD movies to your iPad 2 for easier enjoyment.

We will use Aviosoft Video Converter in this tutorial. It is able to convert DVD movies to almost any popular video formats, and transcode DVD movies for better enjoyment on a wide range of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, PSP, PS3, 3Gp phone, etc.

DVD to iPad 2 Guide

Only four steps, you can easily and quickly conver DVD to iPad 2. Let’s get started.

Step 1. Launch the converter

Start Aviosoft Video Converter, it displays basic instructions, which shows how easy the conversion process is.

Step 2. Load a DVD

Put the DVD into your DVD drive and click “Open DVD“. It will open a dialog box where you must specify where the DVD video files are stored. Usually, there is in a folder named VIDEO_TS in the root folder of the DVD. Select this folder and click OK.

If there is a DVD folder on your hard disk, you can click “Add Files” to load files in the Video_TS folder.

Step 3. Output Settings

Set the “Profile” as “Apple iPad 2 (.mp4)”, reset the output folder to save converted video files by browsing your hard disk.

Step 4. Start Converting Process

After all settings finish, just click the big button “Start” to begin converting DVD to iPad 2.

convert DVD to iPad 2

When the conversion finished, you can upload the movies to your iPad 2 and enjoy! If you want to convert DVD for other devices, the steps are the same as converting DVD to iPad 2, just choose a different output format according to your need.


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