How to Convert Video to Portable Device & Popular Video Format?

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Video lovers have a lot of options nowadays for watching movies and videos on the go. Cell phones, multimedia players, games consoles like PSP, PS3 allow us to get video from anywhere.

Just get the compatible formats that the specific device supports. But sometimes, it is not easy to find the right resource. Fortunately, there are video converters that offer a way to get incompatible videos fixed for playing on your device. Using one of the most powerful video converters – Aviosoft Video Converter, you can easily convert videos in any formats. Here is a simple tutorial to guide you through the conversion process.

What you need for this tutorial

1. A computer with Windows OS
2. Some video resources
3. A program named Aviosoft Video Converter

Guide: Convert Video to Portable Device & Popular Format

Here, let’s get start to convert video. First of all, you need to download and install the program on your computer. You can download free trial version here, or buy full version directly.

Step 1. Launch the Video Converter

Double click the app icon to launch the converter.

Step 2. Load Videos

Add the video files as you want by clicking “Add File(s)” to locate the video files you want to convert. Then press “Open”.

Step 3. Set Output

When all the above steps have been finished, choose one preset profile in the “Profile” pull-down list, select one from Common Video, HD Video or your desired device. Here, we take Apple iPhone 4 for example. Choose an output folder to save files if you don’t like the default one.

Step 4. Start to Convert Videos

Click “Start” button to begin the video conversion.

convert video to portable device

When the conversion is done, you can find the files in the folder that you have set. Launch iTunes; transfer the converted video onto iPhone 4. That’s all for converting videos to portable device and popular video format. You can download now and have a try.


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