Create Video Slideshow for iPad 2 Using iPad Video Converter

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Want to create video slideshow from photos quickly and easily? The powerful iPad Video Converter can turn your photos, and music into a memorable video. With this ultimate converter, you are the actor, video director and audio engineer. You can create video slideshow with music in minutes. And it is easy to use, no photo editing skilled required, you can get stunning video slideshow in a few clicks.

Guide on How to Create Video Slideshow from Photos

Creating a music video / photo slideshow is extremely intuitive and easy to do with this program. I have created a photo slideshow with images from my digital album in about two minutes using the random transitions and my own music – friend and foe.

Before we get started, we need to download the converter and install it on a Windows computer.

Step 1. Import Photos

Launch the iPad video converter. Choose iPad 2 as output format and click slideshow button button to open the “Slideshow” window. Click “Add” to select photos from your computer hard disk.

Step 2. Add Title, Music & Effects

You can include title, credits, enable background music, and add special effects. There are 12 kinds of special effects, choose one or more or make it random. Rearrange the order of photos if necessary. Just Move Left or Move Right.

slideshow making process

Step 3. Create Video Slideshow for iPad 2

After all settings, press Create Movie button to start making video slideshow. The slideshow will appear on the interface. Click “Start” convert it to iPad 2. After a while, you can find the slideshow in the output folder. The default one is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Videos, but you can also specify a new one to save video slideshow before importing photos.

main interface


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