Free Crop DVD Movie to 16:9 Aspect Ratios

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Are you looking for the program that will crop your DVD video to 16:9 aspect ratios when you are ripping the DVD movie? After cropping the DVD video into the 16:9 aspect ratios , you can cut off the top and bottom black side bars, and enjoy the full screen display.

Some DVDs are made in a way that is suitable for playing back on 4:3 TV. So you will get the black bars which are added at the top and bottom of the picture. If you want to display the DVD movies at full screen in order to make full use of the wide screen display, you need to crop the DVD movie to 16:9 aspect ratios.

How to crop your DVD movie to 16:9 aspect ratios for playback when you are ripping the DVD video? How can we have a perfect picture on 16:9 screens? CloneDVD can help us. It’s super easy to get the 16:9 aspect rations if we are using CloneDVD from, the powerful DVD copying and ripping software, to crop the DVD video.

Step 1: download CloneDVD from from the Internet. Before purchasing it, you can try it for free which supports copying or ripping 3 DVD disc for free without any limitation including cropping your DVD movies to 16:9 aspect ratio. Then set up the .exe application file by following the installation wizard and launch the program on computer instantly to free try the software and to crop DVD video to 16:9 aspect ratio.

Step 2: insert your DVD disc into the computer DVD-ROM drive. CloneDVD will auto decrypt, indentify the DVD and show the DVD contents on the main interface.

Step 3: click DVD Rip on the tool bar and check the title in the DVD Content you want to crop the video to 16: 9 aspect ratio, then click the Effects button on the left of the Start button to pop up the Effects interface and click the Crop button to set the aspect ratio.

Step 4: uncheck the Keep Aspect Ratio box, then select the 640*480 in the below box of Frequently-used or manually crop the aspect ratio in the right preview window.

Step 5: after having cropped the aspect ratio, click OK to save the changes.

Now crop the DVD movie to 16:9 aspect ratios is done. It’s super easy, right? On the other hand we can also crop the DVD video area or add text watermark to the DVD video or clip the DVD movie or merge the clips when we are ripping the DVD if we are using CloneDVD. Its more functions are waiting for your trying. If you need more info about the CloneDVD, please refer to .


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