CSS-decrypting Software to Decrypt DVDs in The Background

Nov 15th, 2011 by Boren 3,255 views |Comments Off

The CSS (Content Scrambling System) is the encryption method in the production of commercial DVDs to avoid DVD-data is copied. The only purpose of CSS is to protect the intellectual property rights by preventing the piracy of DVDs.

The CSS decryption, called DeCSS (De-Content Scrambling System) is an algorithm that can be used to decrypt a DVD which sale on the market, make it unlocked and then copied. In January 2000, a 15 year old boy from Norway Jon Johansen was blamed on development of DeCSS. The accused against Jon Johansen were removed in January 2003.

Many manufacturers use DeCSS to decrypt DVDs, some software includes the technology, and some require you to download the algorithm before you use the software. With DVD Ghost, nothing you need to do.

DVD Ghost is a small and effective software working with DVD software. It is light on your system resources and resides in system tray. It removes all kinds of restrictions (CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, and UOPS etc.) from the DVD discs in the background.

So, you can watch all-region DVDs on any DVD drive without changing the region code any more. All you need to do is to launch DVD Ghost, insert the DVD into DVD drive. It does not do harm to your DVD drives because it just bypass the copyright protection of DVD drive without change any parameters or firmware of DVD drives. With DVD Ghost, you can copy any DVD to your hard drive in case that the original DVD is lost. More information refers to dvd-x-player.


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