‘Denial of Service Attacks’ as a way to stop piracy?

Sep 20th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,519 views |Comments Off

An Indian anti-piracy organization has revealed which they have utilized denial of help with one another with other attacks toward sites they specific for anti-piracy actions.

The company, AiPlex, will typically research for actions to acquire used in the internet host, to possibly get in touch with the offending internet website operator in question, or to shut along the internet website account. If actions is not forthcoming, then they hold much more drastic action.

“In this type of instances (when the internet host or internet website operator does not hold action), we flood the internet website with requests, which last results in databases error, developing denial of help as each and every server consists of a repaired bandwidth capacity,” mentioned Girish Kumar, managing director of AiPlex.

“At times, we need to go an extra mile and assault the website and destroy the information to quit the film from circulating further,” he also added, pointing to much more significant kinds of attack.

DoS and hacking are illegal in most countries, regardless concerning the intention.


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