How to download video files to portable MP3 players?

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As technology develops, the ability of MP3 / CD players is growing fast. You can download music videos to many players from the market.  It is really fantastic to get your favorite videos played wherever you go and whenever you want. The difficulty of downloading music video to MP3 music player depends on the player itself and the software you use.

For iPod:

If you want to download video files for iPod, you can either direct download MP4 files from Internet or you need to use one program that can convert files to one format that can play on iPod. This will depend on the version of the iPod and the video format you want to convert. If you download videos from YouTube, you need an iPod converter to convert the FLV files. There are some applications:

Vixy – An online application which can convert flash video to iPod format. These are the types of files commonly used on YouTube and some other video sites. But it can’t convert DVD movies.

I Squint – It will help you create videos for your iPod on Mac. It converts videos and movies to iPod format.

Aviosoft iPod Kit – A powerful iPod tool which allows you to convert videos and DVD files to iPod, iPhone, edit video, make picture slideshow, download videos and convert downloaded video to MP4, create ringtones for iPhone.

All these programs and many more are available enables you to download music video files or movies to your digital MP3 player. Most are simple to use and come with easy to follow instructions.

For other MP3 players:

There are many kinds of MP3 players, iPod is just the representative. If yours is another brand player, you may find it comes with its own conversion software built-in or on a disc.

Read the manual carefully before downloading videos or movies. You should be careful when you download music video files or movies from the internet. Not only could you potentially infringe on copyrights you could also end up with a virus in your home PC.


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