Free Tips to Overcome the DVD Playback Problems in Windows 7

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“I just got a new notebook with Windows 7, and Windows Media Player won’t play any DVD. But I can play the same DVD in an XP machine. The Windows Media Player first told me that I didn’t have the proper codec software. I downloaded it, and it still won’t play.” Many people have encountered such kind of DVD playback problems.

The codec software is actually a DVD decoder which allows playback of DVD Movies on a Windows based PC. Most commonly used within Windows Media Player, but default WMP doesn’t include a DVD decoder. If you really want to watch the DVD right away, then, you need to download a DVD decoder for Windows 7.

Things were easier in the past since most devices were simple and videos in a few easy formats. But today, videos come in various types and sometimes it is hard for Window Media Player to read. These files simply need to be decoded so that the player can normally display them.

It is great to start to search DVD decoder for Windows 7 but have you tried to see if there is something you can get to make things easier.

1. Reboot your computer right now to see if there is any positive response from you media player.

2. Check if there is a Windows DVD decoder in your system. Maybe there is one you have in your system is outdated. Change the date on your notebook to a date that had passed, reboot and check if you can play the disc.

3. Go to Microsoft website to update you WMP. This may probably solve your problem.

4. If the updated WMP still doesn’t work, try to download a free decoder from a freeware download site. (Note: Read customers’ review and have a look at the rating. Many freeware contains spyware, virus, malware which will make your device collapsed.)

5. Get third-party DVD decoder. There are many packages out there. And normally, free download is offered. You can install it and use it to read any DVD.

It is not so difficult to settle the DVD player problems in Window 7. You don’t need to look too far before you get DVD decoder for Windows 7 because there are a lot free ones on the Internet.

DVD Decoder for Windows 7 Free Download


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