Find DVD Decoder Free Download for Windows

Mar 07th, 2012 by Boren 2,507 views |Comments Off

Ever opened Windows Media Player or other player, and get upset when the annoying message pop out “file format is unknown”? Or find that DVD video can’t be played because the player doesn’t recognize it? Well, chances you need to find a free DVD decoder for Windows if you are eager to watch that movie.

Video today comes in so many shapes and sizes. Or to be more specific, in so many formats that there must be a way for all these file formats to be decoded or unscrambled into a format the player can read successfully. Yes, there is a way by using decoder.

Sometimes, the computer just needs to reboot in order to bring itself back into state. If you have problem in playing DVD, just restart the computer and player to see if it can be played without problem. If you still can’t play DVD, then you will be sure that the decoder is outdated.

You can go to Microsoft website and update your Windows Media Player. New version usually comes with the latest codecs required to play DVDs. So you problem can be settled through this way.

Or if you don’t mind trying new things, go and find third party DVD decodec software. Free download the software, and install it on your Window system so that you can unscramble and play encrypted DVD.

You should be careful when download and install a program from an unknown source. You may try to save money, but sometimes a free source may include risks, virus, spyware, malware. Once a risky program is downloaded, you computer would be in danger. Save less, lose more; nothing could be worse than this.

Here, I bring you a safe one – DVD X Player. This ultimate Windows-based DVD player has a DVD decoder built in. It decrypts any encrypted DVD, perfectly presents the movie contained in a disc. Video playback is also supported in this DVD player software. Free download is available for lifetime and no virus, spyware, malware guaranteed. Fix your DVD / video issues with this amazing DVD player!


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