The Importance of DVD Decoder Software

Apr 23rd, 2012 by Boren 3,659 views |Comments Off

One of the luxuries of today’s computer is the capability of playing DVD movies. Does every computer have this ability to play DVD movies perfectly? The answer may not satisfy you unless your computer is a Windows OS computer with Windows Media Center preinstalled. Even you have a Windows Media Player in your computer, you may not be able to play DVD movies successfully because there is no DVD decoder software included in the Windows Media Player.

First, you can have a simple test to see whether there is a DVD decoder installed in your PC or not. Just click “Start” and choose “run”, type “dvdupgrd /detect” in the box and click “OK”. If only WMP is installed on your PC, then the result will display “no decoder detected”, which will prove that your WMP is not a decoder.

dvd decoder check

There are many options when choose a DVD decoder. There are free DVD decoders, but we are not sure whether they are capable to decode the latest DVD movies or have certain playback features. The safest way is to use third-party DVD decoder software which provides occasional updates, good compatibility and full DVD playback features.

DVD decoder software is a tool to have DVD played in computer normally. You can take it as a lightweight option for DVD playback on PC. Usually, it is a full blown out of DVD player with plenty of features. But sometimes, it is just bundled with a DVD player.


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