Download a DVD Decoder for Your Windows Vista Computer

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Try to play a DVD on a Windows Vista computer, but find out that a dialog box pops put with a message showing that the “file format is unknown”? That’s because your DVD player software is unable to decode the MPEG-2 files on the DVD and there is no DVD decoder for Vista installed on your computer.

DVDs still are the primary option to deliver movies. For this reason, people want to watch DVD movies on laptops or PC. 99% of the time, a major DVD movie is encoded and compressed. In order to play such a DVD movie on a computer, the data on the DVD must be decoded. Then a DVD decoder is needed.

DVD decoder is the program that can decode the data stored on DVD, to enable the playback of video / audio. When comes to DVD decoder Vista download, people firstly look for a free solution.

Free DVD decoders are available on the Internet, but before you download, you must be aware that not all the decoders perform as your exception, not to mention there is risk of getting spyware, virus, or malware.  Free DVD player like VLC player which has its own decoder. But the drawback is that you must use the player interface that it provides which is lacking options compared to more advanced DVD playback program.

Here, I bring you a versatile one – DVD X Player. It is a DVD player with built-in DVD decoder and recorder for Windows Vista, XP, 7, etc. It decode the MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital / DTS audio, delivering flawless video and lossless audio effect. More information about DVD X Player, please click here.

Free DVD Decoder Vista Download


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