DVD Player for Windows 7 – Play Any DVD on Windows 7 Computer

Apr 12th, 2012 by Boren 4,008 views |Comments Off

Playing the contents of a DVD on Windows 7 requires a DVD player for Windows 7 with specific decryption function, which contributes to play a DVD. DVD discs can be read on most computers via DVD-ROM drives.

DVD drives usually come with one of the two kinds of RPC: RPC-1 or RPC-2. RPC is used to implement the restrictions of DVD playback in the world. It assigns the geographic location where a certain DVD can be played. There are several types of popular DVD player software. The DVD player software is able to play DVD, VCD or SVCD movies. Some software can play other video formats and multimedia files like pictures, audio.

When it comes to DVD player for Windows 7, there are some important factors you need to consider. First, you have to see if the software has the functions of embracing all kinds of DVD movies; if it has the abilities like parent control, playing films from the hard drive, the functionality of Bookmark, automatic reading, the ability to play DVDs from other regions and more.

Other features that you must take into account before buying are abilities to pan & scan, zoom in and out, capture still image while playing movie, watch in PIP.

Next, we need to know if it has clear interface and visual buttons with simple operations. Besides the ease of use, the video and audio quality, the availability of online help is also very important.

If we want to play different types of DVDs or play DVDs form multi regions, we have to get a region free DVD player for Windows 7 computer.  There are restriction systems in DVD videos: Macrovision, CSS, UOPs and region codes. An multi region DVD player which can bypass all these restrictions could be popular.


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