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Computer systems are primarily for complex calculations for persons who work in the industrial areas as software and technical development. However, at the present time the most users use computer as a complete entertainment center rather than calculation machine. Software programmers try every effort to design software for people’s different types of media needs such as gaming, photos, videos and audio. Most PC systems come with a DVD player to play movies with software pre-installed, but sometimes preinstalled software that came from the plant can’t be setup to play movies. In these cases you need to download a free DVD player that is easier-to-use and legal, and sometimes you can also change your old version DVD player.

There are many freeware DVD video player created and accessible to all those who can access the Internet. For example, when search on Google engine, you will find many DVD players through the websites. Google works as a directory listing for more details on almost all things of computer-related and others. This search will present a list of sites, which in turn displays a list of free programs. These programs are also available on the website like Many websites have special groups for free software like free DVD player software.

If you try to download free DVD player software, read the information for the application to see which format it can support. Most of the time, this information are provided in the webpage and the guidelines for download and installation or in the reference module. Most DVD player software can be installed on PC Windows and Mac systems but there are programs that only support Windows or Mac, or that require you to save different copies according to the interface of the software.

There are some commonly used DVD players like VLC, Windows Media Player, GOM Player, Zoom Player etc. VLC, GOM, Zoom, and Windows Media Player are all powerful multimedia players that can play almost all video formats and the DVD disks. Under normal circumstances, Windows Media Player is preinstalled in Windows PC and it especially for beginners to use.

Sometimes these applications need further improvements so as to play DVDs and other formats of the film. For Windows Media Player, please can get the latest updates through the help menu, the latest version will easily control movie data. And sometimes you may need to setup free codec separately to interpret DVD data. Download the DVD and try to play several DVDs and videos with different formats to see whether it is proper for use. And make sure there is free minor update to get ready for more movie formats.


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