Types of DVD Players and Recorders

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DVD players and recorders offer sharp pictures and clear sound. They support DTS surround and Dolby digital audio embedded in movies. Most DVD players can play types of media, like CD, VCD, etc and some even come with a VCR.

DVD Recorders / VCR Combos

Many new recorders have a VCR bundled with them. These comb devices enable you to watch DVD and also old VHS tapes.

Single-disc Players

This type of DVD players can play only one DVD at a time.

DVD Player / VCR Combo

Players and VCR combos can DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes.

Multi-disc Players

These players allow 2-6 DVDs playback continuously.

Mega-Changer Players

Use mega-changer players to store, categorize, sort and play numbers of discs.

Light Portable DVD Players

These kinds of players are perfect for people on the move. People can play DVDs on the car, a train or airplane.

Progressive-scan Players

Progressive-scan players can deliver the most crisp and vivid pictures. They support high resolution signals with progressive scan. You can get a progressive-scan DVD player featuring “2:3 pull down” and “3:2 inverse pull down” to obtain improved picture quality.

Region-free DVD Player

One can play any DVD from any region in the world with a region-free DVD player. Some support both NTSC and PAL video format.

DVD Recorders

Using DVD recorder, you can not only play DVDs, but also can record TV programs that you like and watch them later or repeatedly. Some recorders even include a digital video recorder.


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