DVD Region Code Solutions

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Changing the region codes
Normally speaking, the moment Hollywood and the DVD producers made a decision to divide and conquer the planet with their regional codes; other people were considering methods to bypass them. And quickly there were “fixes” for both DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. Newer PC DVD drives usually allow the effortless changing of regional codes, but you possess a restriction of five times. Some suppliers also started to market “code-free” DVD players that could perform DVDs from any of the six regions. A few of these code-free players are able to play the video on either a PAL (Germany, most of Europe) or NTSC (US, Canada) monitor.

Is It Truly That Simple?
Certainly not! Things can get technically complex when dealing with code-free DVD players or altering the code settings on older computer DVD-ROM. But if in circumstance you desire to enjoy German or Hollywood Region 2 films in German, it is essential to have either a multi-region DVD player or a computer with a DVD drive.

Computer DVD
Early DVD-ROM drives were code-free, but those manufactured after January 1, 2000 are set to a specific code, depending on the area they are sold, and will only permit the code to be changed five times. After the fifth change, the drive is permanently locked to the region code that was last set.

But DVD on a computer provides the benefits of no need to worry about converting from German PAL to US NTSC or vice versa. Considering that the computer image is digital, the PAL/NTSC dilemma doesn’t exist—unless you desire to export the picture to a TV monitor. Some computers can deal with that, while other can’t. Don’t confuse DVD-ROM with video DVD. DVD-ROM is for data information only. A DVD-ROM drive can read both regular CD-ROM and DVD disks, only if the computer possesses the right software and hardware to play DVD video. The shortcoming is that you are typically tied to the computer for watching.

Region-Free DVD Players
You can look for “region-free” or multi-region DVD players on Internet and in electronics market. DVD players from Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and other famous manufactures are changed to allow playing DVDs from all six regions. (This chip modification could possibly ignore the manufacturer’s warranty, but some sellers provide their own.) Some so-called “zero-code” DVD players may not work with DVD disks from specific studios or specific regions. Most code-free DVD players now sold on the market are the “changeable” type (usually using the remote control) that can read any DVD disk and code. But an insufficient standardization among different DVD makers implies that one DVD disk could possibly playable on your player, but another may not.

There are also beneficial multi-region players made by Pioneer, Sony, and others (with a full warranty) that instantly detect the DVD’s region code and perform it. But some of these could possibly require a PAL monitor to display a German Region 2 DVD properly. Others have the capability to transfer the PAL picture to the US NTSC standard. Make certain that any player you purchase will work with the TV monitor or TV set you have.


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