DVD Ghost makes DVD region free

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Your DVD player is limited. You can only play DVDs from your region? If you live in the United States, you are limited to play DVDs from Region 1 (U.S. and Canada). And if you live in the UK, you are limited in region 2 (Europe). Australia is limited in the region 4 and so on. But what if you want to play one of the thousands of cheap DVDs from other regions? You need to make your DVD region free.

There are many DVD players on the market today, almost can be altered to be multi-region. To get DVD region free codes, you can either spend a lot of money getting your DVD illegally chipped. Or you can read on our pages how to do easily make your DVD region free!

You probably already know how the DVD region system works. The world is divided into six regions. The United States comes as the region 1 (very expensive DVDs) whereas China is region 6 (very cheap DVDs).

Why divide the world like this? DVD region codes can stop region 1 and 2 viewers buying those five dollar “other regions” DVDs that you see in video stores, flea markets and Internet sales. DVD creators think that people in region 1 and region 2 have a strong economy to pay more. But with the region codes, you can find on our site you can legally beat the DVD region codes without opening the machine. This means you can play DVDs bought from the U.S. or Europe or Asia. Once you installed our DVD Ghost software on your DVD Player, you don’t worry DVD region codes any more.  You are perfectly legal to import DVD discs from other countries and enjoy them comfort at your own home.

DVD players are all the same! All the top models allow you to enter secret DVD “region free codes” through the remote to instantly unlock your player – allowing you to play all DVDs from around the world, regardless of region or how you pay for it! Now you can find and use these backdoors to make DVD player region free as you wish. On our site you can find DVD Ghost make region free code for all stand-alone DVD players in seconds! The region free codes are collected from different sources and verified by us.
Just take 1 or 2 minutes to download our DVD Ghost for your DVD player. Your DVD player will be region free with the encoding DVD region free codes!


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