DVD region lock

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What is DVD region lock?

DVD region lock is used on DVD players. DVD region lock can prevent the DVD that is released in one region from successfully playing in different region. That is say, the DVD movies released in the USA and Canada may not be released in other parts of the world until autumn, winter or even a year later. You purchase a DVD movie in the USA and mail it to your Chinese friend before the DVD is released in China. Your friend cannot play the DVD on their region 6 DVD player because of the DVD region lock.

Why set DVD region lock?

If DVD producer or DVD distributor distribute the same DVD to the whole world at the same time, the DVD market will be less profitable. So the distributors will focus the DVD market on one or two areas at a time, and they set DVD region lock for control. They separate the world DVD market into 6 regions.

Region 1 – United States and Canada

Region 2 - Japan , Europe, South Africa , Middle East, and Greenland

Region 3 - S. Korea, Taiwan , Hong Kong, and Parts of Asia

Region 4 - Australia , New Zealand , Latin America, and Mexico

Region 5 - Eastern Europe , Russia , India , Africa

Region 6 - China

Region 0 – This will work on all other regions; Region 0 DVDs can be played worldwide but are still subject to PAL discs and NTSC compatibility

PAL and NTSC are unique standards used by Japan or Britain. They can prevent you freely play DVDs.

How to unlock DVD region lock?

We can free download DVD Ghost for free trial which will auto and intelligently unlock DVD region lock for your Windows XP, Win7, Vista once you insert a new DVD into the DVD-ROM drive. It will run in system tray and works well with other DVD ripper software or DVD copy software or DVD player software. if you want to free download it and free try to unlock DVD region lock, you can refer to http://www.dvd-x-player.com/dvd-ghost/ where you will get more information about it as well.

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