European Court of Justice: Copyright Tax Unacceptable

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The European Court of Justice has ruled that Spain’s piracy levy, a taxes positioned for the purchase of blank media, is “indiscriminate” and unacceptable, a at lowest of in relation to taxing specific groups other than non-public individuals.

The court ruled that without any proof of harm, there could possibly be no levy, offered that it will be asking completely innocent citizens, and organizations, to spend for one thing they do not do.

The circumstance obtained toward the court’s concern when Spain’s Sociedad standard de Autores y Editore (SGAE), made a need of payment from Padawan for retailing blank DVDs and CDs, citing these blanks could possibly are already utilized for piracy and in accordance with Spanish law, the levy should turn out to be collected by companies like Padawan and handed much more than toward the government, through SGAE.

However, Padawan took the subject to court, the European Court of Justice to turn out to be precise, also it has just won the case. Sort of.

“A web page link is crucial among the ask belonging toward the levy intended to finance reasonable compensation with respect to electronic reproduction equipment, models and advertising as well as the deemed utilization of them for that purposes of non-public copying,” the ruling said, “Consequently, the indiscriminate ask belonging toward the non-public copying levy, in particular with respect to electronic reproduction equipment, models and advertising not made on the marketplace to non-public consumers and obviously reserved for utilizes other than non-public copying, is incompatible with Directive 2001/29.”

In other words, while the court accepts that non-public individuals could possibly be assumed to possess utilized blanks for piracy, and taxed using the levy, specific groups like charities and non-profit organisations, as well as legitimate businesses, the levy is not allowed.

The advantage for purchasers below this type of the method will almost certainly be the reality which they are permitted to create non-public copies below the law, as they have previously “paid” for it through the levy.


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