Super easy to extract audio from DVDs

Aug 20th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 2,255 views |Comments Off

Sometimes we need to extract audio from DVD. But most DVDs are 5.1channels. Some DVDs are two tracks which have two channels for each track. That is, there are two-channel stereo tracks. We are in trouble now. Although there are many DVD ripper software can successfully extract audio, but these DVD ripper cannot extract multi tracks. In order to extract audio from DVD, how could we do? Today I recommend a nice DVD ripper software that can extract audio super simple!

We have to use the CloneDVD, this DVD ripper software is more professional, and is very simple to operate. All we have to do is to choose according to the software prompts.
After running the DVD ripper software, point the your computer drive button, insert the CD-ROM or find the directory of DVD VOB files, and then by real-time playback in the right to select an appropriate track , and then in the left list select the required conversion Audio files (supports batch conversion), then select the output directory to save the converted files, the last click it to press “Start” button to start conversion. Conversion process requires a little patience. The more music files are, the longer conversion time is.
Tip: CloneDVD can identify all DVD files

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