Free iPad content for Time, Fortune subscribers

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Apple and Time Inc., have inked a pact that permits subscribers of hard-copy rags released by the largest magazine flogger in the US to freely download digital copies of individuals exact same matters onto their Cupertinian fondleslabs.

Beginning Monday, subscribers to Time’s flagship sports Illustrated, Time, and Fortune would be able to download copies of current matters for free of cost using individuals titles’ apple ipad apps, according to a statement through the Wall street Journal.

Previously, subscribers who wanted digital designs experienced to pay for them separately – that is, in addition to their subscription fees for hard-copy issues. This limitation was wildly unpopular with readers, who gave the sports Illustrated, Time, and Fortune apple ipad apps overwhelmingly negative reviews.

“If you already possess a subscription towards magazine you still have to pay – crazy!” authored a single reviewer of the Fortune app, adding “What world do y’all reside in?”

That world has become more rational, now that individuals Time Inc. apple ipad apps will consist of the ability for subscibers to verify their subscription standing and download magazine content straight onto their iPads – an ability that Time Inc.’s men and women magazine apple ipad app has experienced considering that final August.

When the men and women offer was announced, a “source near towards project who spoke away the record” informed Fortune that similar deals can be provided through Time Inc.’s flagship mags within 30 days. It took a touch lengthier than that, since it turned out.

Between the men and women announcement and the granting of the exact same abilities to sports Illustrated, Time, and Fortune arrived Apple’s initiation of subscription suggestions that demand content writers to market content only through Apple’s in-app buying system, and also to pay Apple 30 per cent for the privilege of carrying out so.

The new suggestions don’t only apply to magazine and newspaper content – they also apply to music-subscription services, a simple fact that received fast criticism from songs sites such as Rhapsody and – and which prompted the co-founder of the latter to somewhat indelicately comment in an IRC chat that “apple just fucked over on the net songs subs for the iphone.”

Apple’s imposition of subscription guidelines, which don’t go into impact until June 30, also remove a content provider’s ability to interact straight with its digital subscribers, and so not acquire their lucrative personal information – a great loss that undoubtedly still continues to be component of the negotiations among Apple and Time Inc.

The current arrangement among Apple and Time Inc. to allow the magazine giant’s current subscribers to acquire digital content through the apple ipad apps doesn’t solve the digital subscription–only conundrum – that is, no announcement has however to get made whether or not end users of Time’s apple ipad apps can subscribe to individuals magazine’s within the apps.

Whether Apple and Time Inc. can come to an arrangement over such digital-only subscriptions, whether or not Apple’s minimize will remain that hefty 30 per cent, and whether or not Time Inc. will get entry to digital-subscriber demographic information still continues to be to get resolved.

Stay tuned – there are still two months of negotiating time before Apple’s new subscription suggestions kick into effect.


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