Google, Facebook test IPv6 web upgrade

Jun 08th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 1,925 views |Comments Off

Wednesday is globe IPv6 Day, a clunky name for an experiment that should be invisible to web surfers but plays a critical role in keeping the web operating smoothly.

One of the Net’s foundational layers is the web Protocol, a worldwide communications traditional utilized for linking attached devices together. every networked produc you own — your PC, smartphone, laptop, tablet along with other gizmos — features a unique IP address. The problem is the reality that we’re operating away from them. The present system, called IPv4, has the specialized capacity to handle 4.3 billion addresses. They’re almost all utilized up: The last remaining batch was assigned out in February.

The solution is a next-generation protocol called IPv6. Just since the U.S. telephone system handled soaring progress by growing the digits in every telephone number, the brand new IP system — under growth for additional than 12 years — uses extended addresses to suit additional devices in to the network.


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