Google Voice Search

Jun 14th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 1,990 views |Comments Off

Google Voice Search for desktop computers, which the Web giant presented today, isn’t very much far more than the corporation porting a technology that’s been on cellular phones for a while to PCs.

But don’t write it off as a trivial bit of technology as well quickly. Voice Search on the desktop moves computing one action closer towards the natural user interface that’s been the holy grail of computing for decades.

The feature isn’t very much several in the provider that google provides to smartphone users with its cellular app. rather than tapping a microphone icon on a phone’s screen, users click on a microphone icon inside the Search box at while they are using Google’s Chrome browser. Of course, the user’s computer has to have a built-in microphone, or even the user requires a headset, in purchase for the provider to work.


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