Has Switzerland just outlawed P2P investigations?

Sep 13th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,202 views |Comments Off

Switzerland has now produced it illegal for firms to check and store users’ IP addresses, and hence, arranged an accomplish to P2P investigations as well as the sue-for-settlement business. on the very very least that’s the bottom line of Logistep AG, an business that may be inside the anti-piracy business because 2004.

The country’s Federal information protection and details Commissioner truly took Logistep to court and won a ruling which essentially mentioned an IP handle is truly personal data, and because of this, it needs specific protection. And civil litigation (as opposed to some criminal case) is not deemed important adequate for user’s privacy to turn into violated on this way, it seems.

Critics in the ruling say that this could allow Switzerland to turn in to a safe and appear haven for copyright infringers.


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