How Does a DVD Player Work?

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It is nice to have pleasant memories stored on compact device and review it later for enjoyment. To record the first step your baby takes, the transition from crawling to walking, the first meaningless word that tells you a lot of definitions, etc. It is always a pleasure to aftertaste our yesterday’s memories. This can be achieved by DVD player and DVD player has become a necessary part of our life.

DVD is an optical storage disc which supports both video and audio encoding. DVD players are the tool that are used to play DVDs. It is essential that DVD players show original or equivalent output of what has been stored on the DVD. Then how does a DVD player work?

DVD player have to carry out a lot of technical tasks in converting the stored data to visual pleasures. The player can read the disc in ISO-UDF format. The format is for file systems that preferably use optical media for storing data and it is widely used for rewritable discs.

Now it comes to encrypted message. The encrypted message must be decrypted. The decryption can be done by CSS or Macrovision. CSS (Content Scramble System) is embedded in all commercial DVDs. DVD player contains CSS decryption module. The decryption module help decode the data, thus the disc is being played. DVDs are also produced with region code. This code restricts the playback on players with different codes. DVD player will read these signals and display a warning message if it is not authenticated to play the script. Region free DVD player just play all regions’ DVDs. There are also non-playing program that can decrypt CSS, region code like DVD Ghost which can make DVD region free.

It then decodes the MPEG-2 video with different decoding speed. Besides decoding the moving pictures, the player needs to transform the sounds that are encoded in MP2 or PCM and display the output.

Reading data, decrypting copy protection, decoding moving pictures, and transforming audio; these are what a DVD player needs to do before displaying the visual pleasure for you. And now, you must have a brief understanding on how does a DVD player work. Free download a region free / code free / all region DVD player for Windows.


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