How to extract capacity of more than 4G files?

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As the rule lies, FAT32’s single file capacity limitation is 4GB (FAT16 is 2GB, NTFS is 64GB). In other words, you can’t store a over 4G capacity file on a FAT32 formated disc. So you have to change the hard disc format to NTFS.

NTFS FAT32 conversion method:
1, Use WINXP or WIN2000 (WIN2003) system disk format
2, In WIN2000 WINXP or systems select\ NTFS format
3, No destruction to data conversion: the conversion before, you must close all applications.
A, click “Run” command in “Start” menu.
B, in the “Run” command window, type “Convert C: / FS: NTFS / V”, and click “OK” button. (V can be omited, change drive letter to D, E, F, D, etc.)
C, the application will show the total disk space, available space and convert the amount of space required and other parameters, then start conversion. Time differs with the number of different content of conversion.
D, after conversion is completed the application notes “File system conversion is completed.”
E, OK and exit.

In addition, under Win XP system, you can choose “start -” process – “Command Prompt”, type “Convert D: / FS: NTFS / V” in the pop-up “command prompt” window, and press “Enter “button.

If you want to convert NTFS back into FAT32, do not using CONVERT command, or it will cause data loss.

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