Try to Play DVD Movies on a Windows Laptop in A Simple Way

Mar 26th, 2012 by Boren 4,375 views |Comments Off

A laptop with DVD drive allows one to play DVD movies by reading the content of DVD discs. A laptop is easy to carry and use. It would be great to watch DVD movies on a high resolution screen laptop. Do you know how to play DVD on laptop? Obviously, only a DVD drive is not enough, we need a software DVD player to read DVD video (MPEG-2 digital format).

Free Download Region-free DVD Player for Windows

After download and install the player, follow the instructions below to watch DVD movies on your Windows laptop simply.

How to play DVD on laptop (Windows)

1. Insert the DVD into your laptop’s DVD drive. Wait until Windows display the dialog box asking you what do you want Windows to do.
2. The installed player would show up in the window, choose the right DVD player and click “OK”. Then the DVD player software begins to play the DVD.

choose to play

3. When playing the DVD movies, you can make some settings to get the best visual / hearing effect. For instance, full screen, increase / decrease volume, brightness, contrast, color saturation and Hue. etc.

See? It is quite simple to play DVD on laptop. You can also record the DVD as MPEG-2 and save on hard disk or record DVD to iPod, PSP, etc.


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