How to play WMA files

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WMA-WMA stands for Windows Media Audio. It is a proprietary audio format owned by Microsoft, part of Microsoft’s Windows Media technology.

Initially intended to combat the increasingly popular MP3 format, WMA was supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to digital music. With the massive influx of constant bitrate, high quality, low file size MP3s flooding the Internet, it soon became clear to Microsoft that they would not be a direct competition for the format.

Thats not to say Microsoft didn’t put their heart and soul into development of this audio format. Its configurable to be cbr, vbr and lossless audio encoding for a wide variety of options.

Encapsulated in an ASF container, WMA has one ability that seems to attract more and more businesses and allows this format to stick around. Thats the easy inclusion of DRM or Digital Rights Management directly into the WMA file. This ASF container also gives the WMA two file options. (.wma for strictly audio and .asf for features simliar to ID3 tags in MP3s)

Now that you are more acquainted with what the format is we can get started on how to play it back on your PC.

The Easiest Method

The easiest method is of course to use Microsoft’s proprietary media player, Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player comes pre-installed on every Windows machine and will play WMA right out of the gate. Because many Windows users already use WMP as their de-facto media player, it may be smart just to use WMP to playback your WMA files. However, there are many other options if you do not like to use Windows Media Player or prefer another player.


The second most popular media player must be Apple’s iTunes, especially with the spectacular popularity of the Apple iPod line of devices. iTunes plays WMA files, but first it will transcode them on the fly to its own proprietary AAC codec. This is a nifty feature if you sync to your iPod on a regular basis as the iPod will not read WMA files if they have not been transcoded. iTunes is just as popular if not more than WMP and will play WMA files after they are transcoded (very quick process) making it a viable alternative.

Other method

DVD X Player is a powerful player, it not only can play WMA files but also support various faotmat files. It’s also the worldwide most authoritative Region Free DVD player software.You can use it as a DVD record,DVD converter and standard DVD Player.

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