How to troubleshoot Windows XP-based computer can not read CD or DVD problems? – 2

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Method 1: Troubleshoot error messages (iPod video converter)
1. Please note the specific error message, and then write down the error message to determine whether a particular file name was refered.
2. Visit the following Microsoft Web site, in the Microsoft Knowledge Base search for information about the error message:
3. The search box in the Knowledge Base Type the error message or the file name, then press Enter.
4. If you can not find the specific error message in the Knowledge Base article, please try Method 2.

Method 2: Check the disc is damaged or not(PSP video converter)
1. Remove the disc from the drive, and then check the disc for damage, scratches or cracks.
2. If the disc is damaged, contact the disc manufacturer to obtain replacement discs.
3. Receive a replacement disc, trying to read the disc.
4. If the replacement disc is still having problems, try Method 3.

Method 3: Clean the disc (iPhone video converter)
1. Please use the CD-ROM cleaning kit, or use a soft lint cotton mop, silver disc surface. Note: Do not use paper towels, it will scratch the disc.
2. Wipe the disc from the center to the surrounding. Note: Do not wipe the circle, it will scratch the disc.
3. Once again try to read the disc.
4. If you still experience problems with the disc, please clean the disc using one of the following: wet cloth, CD/DVD cleaning cloth or Tools.
5. When the disc to completely dry, insert it into the CD-ROM drive.
6. Once again try to read the disc.
7. If you still experience problems with the disc, try Method 4.


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